Denouncing Dermatoglyphics

The Indian Psychiatric Society has denounced the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Test (DMIT) as having no scientific basis, as published in recently in The Times of India - click here for link. Dermatoglyphics purports to discern Multiple Intelligences based on fingerprinting.

As I mention under the Malpractices section of this website,

  • The belief that one can infer intelligences from fingerprints is unfounded.

  • There is no reason to think that fingerprints would be yoked to a specific intelligence or the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

  • Knowledge of one’s intelligences does not dictate life trajectory. We should not predict someone’s career choices based on their intelligences, let alone on the basis of their ‘fingerprints.’

It is good to see that the above is being recognized by the Indian Psychiatric Society.