IQ Tests Hurt Kids, Schools

This article provides documentation that different intelligence tests yield different scores for the same person.  Even more intriguingly, even the same intelligence test, administered multiple times, may yield different scores. The article also and appropriately underscores the importance, in life, of non-cognitive skills, or skills that do not fall comfortably under the IQ measurement.

That said, as I read it, Kaufman still holds onto the hope that, someday, if we are clever enough, we will be able to provide an ultimate and fully reliable and valid test of intelligence. I am skeptical about this. What we value as individuals and as a society changes; and so do the resources and contexts of life also change. And so, in my view, intelligence, or more properly, intelligences, are a moving target. A search for the Ultimate IQ test is like the search for a Fountain of Youth; it may be motivating but it is doomed to fail.

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