Multiple Intelligences News from Asia

Two news stories published in October 2014 from countries in Asia have focused on spreading awareness of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory.

First, The Philippine Star, the most circulated daily newspaper in the Philippines, discussed multiple intelligences in its piece on mothers becoming more involved in their childrens' educations by advocating for more inclusive conceptions of intellect and a broader spectrum of activities. Quoting from Gardner's book Frames of Mind, which introduced the theory of MI in 1983, the article makes the case that there are many different ways children can understand skills and that education can foster these multifaceted interpretations.

Read the full article here via The Philippine Star.

Second, the English-language Indian newspaper The New Indian Express highlighted a two-day workshop for teachers at St. John's Public School in Chennai, India. The conference exposed participants to multiple intelligences theory and informed teachers about how to incorporate new ways of teaching into their classrooms in order to touch upon all students' strengths.

Visit The New Indian Express to read more.

These exciting developments in Asia indicate the relevance of MI theory to the educational landscape today across national borders.