Smart Is Cool: Reinventing Intelligence

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences has been used as the framework for a non-profit organization that is attempting to reassess the meaning of intelligence.

Smart Is Cool is a grassroots organization that seeks to celebrate the wide range of abilities that young people possess and to increase appreciation for unique areas of intelligence. With a diverse membership consisting of teachers, students, visual artists, community activists, writers, and more, Smart Is Cool aims to promote a new definition of “smart” based on the components of MI. October 22, 2015, has even been designated Smart Is Cool Day by the organization. Smart Is Cool Day will be observed nationwide among partners and has even been included in Chase’s Calendar of Events.

Similar to the way in which MI is a critique of traditional measures of intelligence, including tests that focus on a narrow range of knowledge, Smart Is Cool aims to transform the understanding of intellectual ability. As a part of its mission, the organization hosts events that showcase diverse areas of intelligence in young people and also supports youth in their creation and implementation of projects/programs that contribute to local communities.

Some examples of projects/programs that Smart Is Cool has supported include:

-A fifth grader at a Connecticut public school who published her first book called Smart Is Cool about the theory of multiple intelligences.

-Concerts for Success, a series of concerts and forums joining both urban and suburban schools in activities such as poetry reading, literary compositions, musical compositions, public speaking, and visual arts to encourage and enhance academic success.

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