Multiple Intelligence International School Celebrates 20 Years

This year the Multiple Intelligence International School celebrates its 20th anniversary. Founded in 1996, the school aims to recognize individual differences among children and work with students to help them achieve their highest potential. They believe, as I do, that all students are intelligent in their own way.

In recognition of their anniversary, I offer the following statement:

 It is now more than a dozen years since the Multiple Intelligence International School was launched; congratulations on your thriving enterprise over that period. I had the privilege of visiting the school a few years ago and was impressed by the energy, motivation, and thoughtfulness exhibited by students, staff, and parents. Of the many "MI schools" that I have visited over the years, the Manila-based school stands out in terms of the care with which the program has been conceptualized and carried through. I am in regular touch with Founding Director Joy Abaquin and recently had the opportunity in New York to watch her interact with two dozen MI educators from all over the world. All attendees were appropriately impressed by Joy's deep understanding of the key ideas of MI and her boundless energy in leading the school and producing future leaders for the Philippines and the world. I send you my warmest greetings and best wishes for many more years as a successful, pioneering educational institution.

For more information, MIIS can be found online here.