Multiple Intelligences and English Language Teaching in Lebanon

A recent study published in the Journal of Advanced Academics explored the use of Multiple Intelligences in teaching English as a second language in classrooms in Beirut, Lebanon. Conducted by Norma Ghamrawi over the course of one academic year, the study sought to answer the following research questions:

#1: How does the application of the MI theory in one school’s KG II ESL classrooms impact students’ acquisition of vocabulary?

#2 What relationship exists between the MI profile of teachers and the kind of intelligences they most often address in their classrooms?

#3 What is the predominant level of thinking skills (low/high on Bloom’s Taxonomy) that teachers address when they use the MI theory?

Ghamrawi utilized videotaped school sessions, student interviews, and surveys to determine that students taught in MI classes exhibited higher rates of retention of new vocabulary.

To read the published results of Ghamrawi's study, click on the link below:

Multiple Intelligences and ESL Teaching and Learning: An Investigation in KG II Classrooms in One Private School in Beirut, Lebanon